Monday, June 16, 2008

Texas 2 and 5

Texas 2
crunchy sound of frozen turf wind whistling in the trees
icy fingers touching your neck
taste of dust and rust, as the plow parts the soil
clang and clamor of metal
touch of glass windows, shining in the sun
bustling city
hurrying to and fro, from anywhere and everywhere
farmer alone on the tractor
hub of the wheel touching the rim of the earth
buzzing bugs in the trees of summer
the crackle of grasshoppers in a field
relentless sun beats down upon the earth, hammering the inhabitants
the ants go down in the heat of the day
pity the individual who must go out to burn their skin
tar on the road is sticky hot, boiling in the sun
we survive, knowing that someday soon summer will give up and go away
usher in the cool air of autumn
with a rushing wind the trees shed their leaves
frost burns the leaves and drives them back to earth
so it goes on
rain and snow, sunshine, wind, earth and sky

Texas #5
Shall i say we are more like an amalgam or the conglomerated collection of souls?
Mashed together like so many taters
we sit at the crossroads of earth and sky
the flowers of our nativity persist
People from all over the globe come here, passing by or persisting
maintaining their specific tastes and passions and sharing them around
Dare I say that the influx of East and West has not had an impact?
if it weren't for Yankees, would we have A/C in Texas?
I might have never discovered horseradish on beef or sushi and wasabi
I wrestle with this 'harmless perversion' of loving Texas
a state that bore forth W, LBJ, and Barbara Jordan
Billie Sol Estes and Walter Cronkite
There is much good and evil simultaneously
Peculiar place this Texas yet just right for me
I miss it when I’m gone

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