Friday, August 10, 2012

 Run it back again

If I am to roll this stone up the hill and forever be running away from it
as it hurtles back at me down selfsame hillock
It would be nice to find a beer and sandwich at the bottom 
before I have to push the bastard back up again

A new pair of boots, more piss in a cup
exercise in the early dawn! once more with feeling!
a shovel in hand to find the leaky pipe 
riding around roads I have known and
new ones without a map for them

over a decade ago was I here
in that time so much has changed of the appearances
more humans! more money! 
and not one thing has changed of any of it

the same school where I went
is where my daughter will go
the same road I traveled in the throngs of morning
is where I will beat a trail

I can show you the pho noodle houses
I can show you the missing farms
I can point to what used to be open pastures
I can read the demographics of the census
and in my heart know not one thing has changed