Monday, February 08, 2016

as the night unwinds

well sure it is shopped!
He can pray over the thin white duke too
while he feels for Bethlehem
I like this friend of mine from far away
i really really do

did he watch the game too?
did he see the prematurely bald man calling for beers and kisses
did he see the petulant child leave the press
I doubt it. He was probably making his guard
double time it again as he went out
in the street
that's where you find him restless
looking for another soul to save
never quit fishing

i love him

I was there
and she was with me
I only get so many seconds in this life
so many drips of time in the glass
falling on my and where was I then? I was there! I was and then we were gone
I was someone then. I had me and there i was. Leaves in the wind
caught in the foam of the flowering water
smokes of yesterday on the wind
we go there often and it is never there again

wordlessly watching the time as it happens
i sat there and the thoughts were there
when and if the moment comes
I shall try to remember to move
we only get so many days
so very few it seems
considering I shall never live to see 
the seedlings of the bristlecone or the eggs of the tortoise
but i do get this
i do have this much of me to invest

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Sally Randall said...

There was a man ....