Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tales of the Red Dog, continued

Three and three makes six
five minus 6 and it is a negative numbre
I got that much
past that. I sort of got lost

I will never forget the day
when i stood at the abyss of mathematics
it was a proof that took up the whole bard
the board was truly full
in the middle was an Epsilon
what the hell does that mean!? 
seriously Bertrand! 
what do you mean by taking 400 pages
to prove 1+1=2?

70 years the calender says
I don't know what it all means
I will never know
i sure hope not anyhow
I can see the flowers on Flanders Fields
I don't have to smell the stench of death
to know man died there

History and time out of mind
you and me and the roll of the dice
yes, i think He does roll dice sometimes with the universe
or is it just us?
rolling our own bones
this existence is what we make of it
I so dearly want to touch as much
as I can reach and then some
there is no tomorrow promised to me

blood, sweat and tears
that is promised to me
this life 
there is no relenting
oh that's silly, yes there is
the rhino boy who saw his mother die at the barrel of a poacher
finds a womankind to lay his head upon until he can sleep again
the communistic socialistic yankee down in mississippi 
finds a song on his banjo to sing
and there in the road
hate is surrounded by a song
and it turns away

is the tree still there?

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The little sis said...

I can drive by and check for you if you want :-)