Saturday, July 20, 2013

Broken dreams

whiskey in the jar o
because you know she drank me easy

Dreams of me when i was young
dreams of me when i was there in full regalia
80 years ago before i parted light
who was the atoms before I was borne?

some they like a fowling
some they like a fishing
and some they like to hear the cannon balls a roaring
me? I like sleeping
especially in her chamber

i had dreams, good ones they were
i had them in my hand
and like sand they slipped the gaps
not sick and not well

said  i was the philosopher farmer 
weeded and wedded to the land of ants
go f yourself bitch
i gotta go work today
blood, sweat and tears are my share

the music follows me around
strains of what i once knew
it calls me and beckons hard
come to us again
we miss you
i can feel it, i can hear it
on the border
right over there on the other side
come on horse, let's go home

I had dreams of youth
believe it or not
and some i smashed with my very own hands
others died of their own accord 

tomorrow rises again
yet another day
of sweat, hours and perhaps some blood

the band played on

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