Monday, February 02, 2009

A hat for summer

I was asked to post a picture of a hat that cost me $50.
Right over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
It has served me well. It keeps the rain off my head, soaks up the sweat fairly well and does not generally fly off when the wind blows in 30mph gusts. I do have to screw it on a little tighter on those days, but so far I haven't had to chase it very often. Hats are not a fashion statement for me, they are an integral part of my work clothes. I will spend extra on a good hat that I know will last me a solid season and not fall apart under duress. Since it is winter it has sat patiently awaiting the return of the sweaty seasons. It will soon be back in service.

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labwitchy said...

love the hat!

i'm sorry i missed your email so many months ago. i have three accounts and i had forgotten to give you the main account address. so...i didn't find your answer for a few months when i stopped in to empty those accounts.

i hope you are doing well and maybe we can all get together again soon. stay well and safe please.